Seventh Moon

Decided to watch Seventh Moon because it was short and ondemand via IFC.
Didn’t know anything about it aside from the cable synopsis so, I had modest expectations. After making it half way through…I’d say the rating on IMDb is about right. Maybe even a teensy bit generous.


Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories

So far, Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories makes me think of a condensed comedy version of Masters of Horror, with notably less gore.
“Hole” went in the direction I expected, but I enjoyed its execution.
“Toes” made me cringe ever so slightly at the beginning, but laugh hard at the end (whether this was intended or not). Its overall content went up a peg on the disturbing meter in comparison to “Hole.”
Next week doesn’t strike me as a particularly creepy/disturbing episode, but there’s no telling how the fellas might spin it. Needless to say (but say it I will), I dig their latest project.