Reflecting and Remembering Robin

Remembering Robin While I can feel good about one anniversary this month, there is another that still doesn’t even seem real.

A year ago, I was partaking in a random tradition of Potbelly with two of my closest friends. The vibe was pleasant, but tired. We had experienced a long weekend together of wedding celebrations and it was time to go back to our “regular schedules.” One turned to me as I was pulling out my chair to sit down, and said… “Robin Williams is dead.”

I couldn’t focus on much beyond that. All I said was what? And she reiterated, while my other friend said that it was sad and mentioned things she liked him in. I tried to block it out because I didn’t want to dwell on it or become emotional around them, after all he’s just some celebrity comedian, I had never met.

When I finally got home, I looked into it because rumors happen so often, but sure enough it was true. And I lost it. Please Keep Reading


What’s The Smallest Check You’ve Ever Received?

It may seem like a ridiculous question in the age of direct deposits, but there are situations you won’t have that convenient option. Like the one thing everyone loves to be summoned for, jury duty. I have to say I was in no hurry to cash my measly $6.00, because it felt a little embarrassing. At the same time it’s like hey, money is money no matter how small the amount. And this check was a sort of compensation for honorably participating in the judicial process. Something I would be willing to do again, just hopefully not any time soon (plus construction in the downtown area is madness).
The attitude or belief that money is money is still something I hold on to…well maybe to a lesser extent after today, when I received an even smaller (yes, less than six dollars) check in the mail. I had completely forgotten about the possibility of even receiving one. So, when it appeared in my mailbox, not knowing how much could be contained, my eyes lit up. I won’t go into the specifics, but the amount was laughable and that’s what I did when my eyes scanned across to it. I still appreciate it of course, but I think I’m going to have to pair this one with some larger deposited funds, otherwise the trip to the bank will end up costing me more.

Now, I’m asking others to have a laugh and share “what’s the smallest check you’ve received” and how did you feel about it?

A Day

I look forward to the day that the plural of ethnicity, ethnicities is not met with a red squiggle line.
“Ethnic groups” is often not the wording I want to use.

Reading Russian

Does anyone else think “man, I really wish I could read Russian?
I don’t even need to write in it or be fluent, yet. Just read it.
As some may know, I’m in the process of learning a few foreign languages. One thing they have in common is a familiar alphabet. Whether or not I have learned the words I can come upon any paragraph, sentence, caption etc. and have some idea of what it could be saying. Attempting to read words I don’t understand is an enjoyable process for me because it feels like it’s adding something to my brain.

Not so much with Russian. I mean sure, I’ve seen the alphabet thanks to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, but it’s left my head just like anything else that has to do with Winter Olympics.
“You bet I’ll keep up with all the international figure skating competitions!” an eager fan once said.
I even looked it up online to get a more thorough idea since they were so fast during opening ceremonies. Unfortunately, without having any real grasp on the alphabet or the language, it might as well be Japanese.

Why do I wish I could read it?
Because just like any other culture in the world, there’s beauty in it and it’s a way to connect. Be it through art, literature, music or just thoughts. And when I follow or interact with people who share their art and parts of themselves, I don’t scoff and think “wish they’d write in English sometime.” I think, “dammit, wish I knew more languages.”

Polyglottic Aspirations


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Polyglot aspirations by the year 2020*.  Seems reasonable, I mean if I really try, in five years I should be able to speak more than just English right? Factor in the notion I’m learning (supposed to be) three languages simultaneously because that isn’t insanity. They’re the romantic ones: Français, Italiano, y  Español. I also really like the word polyglot over multilingual or trilingual. Because at first thought it just sounds ridiculous, but without looking into the actual origin and thinking about it…it makes sense. Adding multiple flair, and purpose, to your epiglottis. A little piece of body that is useful for avoiding a choking death and speaking. As a North American, it’s kind of sad I’m not fluent in anything else already, but I don’t think it would surprise those overseas. I just don’t want to be typical in that regard anymore, and really there is no excuse for it. Not to mention the mental benefits. I haven’t decided if this falls into the bad idea category yet, but at least I’ll be able to see what kind of progress I’m making before it nears and can adjust my sails accordingly.

If you too have polyglottic aspirations, consider reading this review on Kató Lomb’s “Polyglot: How I Learn Languages” which includes links to a free online source of the book and further reading on Lomb.

*The magical year everyone will become mindful of everything they do, say, and the likely consequences.


Setting a goal several years ahead, good idea or bad idea?

Good idea: you have something to constantly work towards and once accomplished can rejoice in your achievement.

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Bad idea: giving yourself too much time to slack off and when the year approaches and concludes without the goal being reached, you’ll feel like even more of a failure. Yikes.

There Comes a Moment When

Some days, there comes a moment when you’re feeling optimistic and even excited about your future.
Upon noticing this, life turns to you and says “hey, I know what little dreams you have are fragile.” Then smashes a brick through them.
Today was such a day.
~L.A. Lanier