Lincoln Penny

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The year was 1995. What was I doing? Enjoying life to the max by still being a kid. Old enough to have a vague sense of the world, but young enough to have a thirsty imagination, seek adventure and not take things too seriously. Responsibilities were simple, go to school, try not to be a pain to my mother and just live. Sometimes I ask myself. Whatever happened to that little girl? She was damn near fearless, even with being someone conscious of mortality. She knew how to entertain herself when friends weren’t around, but also capable of making and keeping friendships, neighbors and classmates alike. Invited to slumber parties often, a “delight to have over” was a frequent compliment of parents. Actually looked forward to going to school, talking about her day, and had an optimistic disposition regarding her future. The possibilities seemed endless, she could have been a doctor, teacher, CEO, veterinarian, author, artist, anything and contrary to the real discrimination and prejudices that happened for women in the workplace, she didn’t think for a moment she couldn’t become either of those things if she really wanted. She ate decently and splurged on things like cookies and candy every once in a while. She remembers when a “Happy Meal” was a treat. She played with toys, not just Barbies and dolls, but G.I. Joes and action figures. She played video games indoors, but still went outside to play soccer. It was a good time and way of living. What would it take to get some of that back?

Inspired by this Daily Prompt



When I was little, and someone sneezed. I responded with “blesh you.”
I thought that’s what everyone was saying. No one ever corrected me. Or gave me puzzled looks, they just said “thank you” and often smiled. Ladies mostly. And that was that.
I kept saying it through high school. Even after I realized people were saying “bless you.” Blesh you, in my mind, made more sense. Someone would erupt with this strange force of sound from their bodies, and I commanded blesh, sending the noise demon back from whence it came.
In adulthood, I didn’t think I could keep getting away with the blesh. I’m not religious and I didn’t want to adhere to something that pissed all over my childhood interpretation/imagination. So, I exchanged it for Gesundheit. But if I trust you enough, or care about you enough…sometimes you might get a blesh.