A Day

I look forward to the day that the plural of ethnicity, ethnicities is not met with a red squiggle line.
“Ethnic groups” is often not the wording I want to use.


Willow Smith Mental Magic

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if some of us could pull a Willow Smith and regulate time with our minds…
And that’s the reason we look so much younger than we actually are?

What If…

“What if I became so awesome, humanity couldn’t handle it?”
“Everyone dies?”
“I think there’s a fear of that.”

Dialogue I wrote up for this week’s Friday Phrases after seeing a Tweet about “Mephobia” and found it amusing. Humor aside, I wonder if there isn’t a bit of this in many people, myself included, that are hesitant of trying their best for fear of things actually going well for them. The flip of that, is clearly there are plenty of people who put things out there whether their best or not. Here’s to continuing to extinguish my “mephobia.”

To Be A Hashtag Hero…

For your amusement, title sung to the tune of Foreigner’s Juke Box Hero.

How bad is it for one to be more willing to partake in showing support for a trending hashtag, just because it involves the French language? Could this mean, je suis une personne terrible?

This quibbling has lead to the makings of a more serious than usual entry. Stay tuned…

Paragraph Planet

Thanks to Becky Spence of Evening Scribbles, I discovered a fun site, Paragraph Planet, that accepts 75 word pieces.
I decided to write something for submission and excited to say it was accepted and featured for Friday (Nov. 21), which due to time zone differences, has already begun.  Please check out my “quietly atmospheric” piece here Paragraph Planet.


When I was little, and someone sneezed. I responded with “blesh you.”
I thought that’s what everyone was saying. No one ever corrected me. Or gave me puzzled looks, they just said “thank you” and often smiled. Ladies mostly. And that was that.
I kept saying it through high school. Even after I realized people were saying “bless you.” Blesh you, in my mind, made more sense. Someone would erupt with this strange force of sound from their bodies, and I commanded blesh, sending the noise demon back from whence it came.
In adulthood, I didn’t think I could keep getting away with the blesh. I’m not religious and I didn’t want to adhere to something that pissed all over my childhood interpretation/imagination. So, I exchanged it for Gesundheit. But if I trust you enough, or care about you enough…sometimes you might get a blesh.


Enjoying In Living Color, a skit about government cheese comes on.
An epiphany.
You’ve eaten government cheese, but not because you were on welfare, you went with a generic brand that happened to be covered by Women, Infants, and Children, and well…it wasn’t bad.
Another skit features a woman from the 30 or 40s who appears in black and white while being in the 90s.
You’re reminded of when you were four years old and you used to think that the world before a certain time existed in gray-scale, but quickly realized that was silly. Then again, having not lived in the past, you couldn’t be absolutely sure.