Hulk Dreams

Some days, I wish I could Hulk up and smash things.
Not entire cities, just objects I’m too small to smash on my own. While having the funds to replace them if need be. It’s okay though, I’m
Incredible in my own way.

Image via © L.A. Lanier (thesquibbler)



Enjoying In Living Color, a skit about government cheese comes on.
An epiphany.
You’ve eaten government cheese, but not because you were on welfare, you went with a generic brand that happened to be covered by Women, Infants, and Children, and well…it wasn’t bad.
Another skit features a woman from the 30 or 40s who appears in black and white while being in the 90s.
You’re reminded of when you were four years old and you used to think that the world before a certain time existed in gray-scale, but quickly realized that was silly. Then again, having not lived in the past, you couldn’t be absolutely sure.