Oh, Now #BearStack Makes Sense

Cartoon Network has been airing a promo of sorts that shows three bears (white, brown, and Panda) accompanied by a catchy tune, stacked on each other traveling through various universes of the CN lineup and concludes with #BearStack.

While amusing, because I love the silly scenes and the art style of the bears, I didn’t quite get what they were going for. Was a new game coming? A new app? Some special summer event?

Saturday, I finally understood after catching a promotion clip for their new series We Bare Bears set to premiere Monday, July 27. A first for CN that’s actually based on a webcomic (The Three Bare Bears created by Daniel Chong).

A quick search of the hashtag on Twitter brought back results of  people submitting fan art inspired by the bears, and that even a version of the popular stack-able game Jenga exists.

I’m always interested to see new projects added to their roster before the year ends. So far, I’m on the fence because the clip doesn’t offer much aside from the notion the bears are savvy with social media and want to make friends, and I’m unfamiliar with Chong’s comic. However, there is a certain comedy to it that’s appealing. Hopefully soon I’ll find out if it’s a series geared more for the kiddos like The Amazing World of Gumball, but still enjoyed by adults or more for an older crowd like Regular Show, but still enjoyed by kids. I expect more details may come out for We Bare Bears along with what else is in store for CN during and after Comic-Con International: San Diego held this summer July 9-12.

I may keep you posted, but if not, you can keep up with the trends on #bearstack and check out the Wikipedia page (which raises my intrigue bar ever so slightly, especially when seeing the voice actors on board) for more information.


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