Man Seeking Woman: Like a Traib Wreck or Is a Traib Wreck?

All over the Internet praise has been sung about one of FXX’s latest comedies Man Seeking Woman. A comedy that has set itself apart from other notable FX programs like Married or You’re the Worst because of its, often amusing, use of surrealist elements.

I started watching as soon as it premiered because I kept seeing teasers and Eric André (Mike) blew up Twitter about it. I admit I have a soft spot for both him and Jay Baruchel (Josh Greenberg), thus, the idea of the two together in a new series was appealing regardless of its content. I watched the first episode and thought okay, that was kind of weird, but let me see where this show goes. By the second, I had to ask myself is this like a train wreck…in that I’m in shock it happened and just can’t bring myself to look away…Or is it actually a train wreck of a show, trying to do too much too soon? No one else seems to have any doubts, it’s almost as if some conspiracy is going on pushing this show to every possible person that would watch it, but maybe other comedians genuinely like it (or MSW has a really great PR team, also probably true). I’ve read it referred to as brilliant, witty, original, amazing, hilarious, pure genius etc.

Now, seven episodes in and a couple of rewatches I think I have established my thoughts on it. It’s at least some of those things. The synopsis on IMDb describes it as the following: “A naive romantic goes on a desperate quest for love when his longtime girlfriend dumps him.”
Which does little in preparing the viewer for what they’re going to find themselves getting into. Man Seeking Woman finds absurd ways to illustrate the mundane experiences of millennials while conveying truths many of us are already or would be thinking in similar situations. Like insecurity when dating someone you think is “out of your league” expressed by his new girlfriend having a close friend that’s a Japanese penis monster. Or having to attend a destination wedding that you know your ex significant other will also be attending, in Hell.

If life operated even a little like it does in Josh and Mike’s world, then maybe some of us would be able to navigate the social aspects of it a little better or have rational fears of being insane. This comedy definitely aims to give its audience something fresh and entertaining. And I sure get a kick out of watching it. The show has already been given the green light for a second season, since viewers are clearly tuning in, and people are rejoicing. So, if you want something humorous and downright weird, give Man Seeking Woman a watch and see what all the hubbub is about. Otherwise, don’t. My IMDb rating? 6.5-7/10

*Traib is the title of Episode 2 and probably one of the simplest things that made me laugh the hardest.  


Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories

So far, Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories makes me think of a condensed comedy version of Masters of Horror, with notably less gore.
“Hole” went in the direction I expected, but I enjoyed its execution.
“Toes” made me cringe ever so slightly at the beginning, but laugh hard at the end (whether this was intended or not). Its overall content went up a peg on the disturbing meter in comparison to “Hole.”
Next week doesn’t strike me as a particularly creepy/disturbing episode, but there’s no telling how the fellas might spin it. Needless to say (but say it I will), I dig their latest project.

Afresh, Doctor Who?

Last Christmas left a conflicted sensation upon viewing The Time of The Doctor. I felt a little deceived in expectations, but set this aside to enjoy the closure of the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. It wasn’t as emotional for me as the 10th Doctor’s (David Tennant) farewell. 10th’s goodbye was a ride on the Texas Giant, best left for one to experience than rely on any description. It took time for me to come around to the 11th Doctor, but I grew a place for him just as I had any other. Smith offered a fun approach that clearly resonated with many fans, and helped bring the series to an even wider audience.

Tonight marks the official start of the 12th Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) story. I made an effort to avoid reading too many articles on what’s to come and haven’t re-watched the seventh season (aside from The Asylum of Daleks) as I originally planned. Part of me wants to simply experience the eighth season, because this is the first time I’ll be following in “real-time.” I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle it or keep up (I prefer watching most shows without the wait). The other part worries that not going fangirl will disrupt the connection I have to DW and I won’t feel as strongly towards it. I’m not sure what kind of Doctor I am hoping Capaldi will be, all I know is that I hope the series continues being all that has made it one of the best sci-fi shows it’s been my masochistic pleasure to watch.