About SQ

Subliminal Quibbles is an anxious woman’s decision to snail out of her haven and embrace certain sensibilities she has for writing thanks to the support of a select few.
Posts here may consist of observations, speculations, social commentary, reviews, fictional writings, and whatever else floats around in her subconscious (with or without humor with or without absurdity). #subliminalquibbles

Disclaimer: While discretion is exercised, it is likely that at some point some content may be viewed offensive to some readers. SQ does not intend to hurt or cause emotional harm to anyone and may utilize trigger warnings as deemed necessary, SQ’s aim however, is to get people thinking and questioning their own thoughts/belief systems (including the “progressive” and is welcoming of discussions.)

The woman?
LALa Nier: a rambler and ranter, ailurophile, comma splicing, micro mastering, introverted neurotic, who hopes that practice and time will function much like having a cocktail before a social gathering and blogging will become no big deal.

This bio is subject to change. SQ doesn’t take itself too seriously, and you shouldn’t either… most of the time.


Your Thoughts...

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