in hues of coolness
Beneath the core the shades blaze
A day to remark on appreciation
Four more to continue unchanged
Years to address our issues
Deniers treat concerns as abstraction
Seeing what they want to see
Consequences are realities happening
Whether we are actively…
Doing or passive



A little something I came up with before Earth Day, in my region, draws to a close.


Lincoln Penny


© Image courtesy of L.A. Lanier’s Instagram (@thesquibbler)

The year was 1995. What was I doing? Enjoying life to the max by still being a kid. Old enough to have a vague sense of the world, but young enough to have a thirsty imagination, seek adventure and not take things too seriously. Responsibilities were simple, go to school, try not to be a pain to my mother and just live. Sometimes I ask myself. Whatever happened to that little girl? She was damn near fearless, even with being someone conscious of mortality. She knew how to entertain herself when friends weren’t around, but also capable of making and keeping friendships, neighbors and classmates alike. Invited to slumber parties often, a “delight to have over” was a frequent compliment of parents. Actually looked forward to going to school, talking about her day, and had an optimistic disposition regarding her future. The possibilities seemed endless, she could have been a doctor, teacher, CEO, veterinarian, author, artist, anything and contrary to the real discrimination and prejudices that happened for women in the workplace, she didn’t think for a moment she couldn’t become either of those things if she really wanted. She ate decently and splurged on things like cookies and candy every once in a while. She remembers when a “Happy Meal” was a treat. She played with toys, not just Barbies and dolls, but G.I. Joes and action figures. She played video games indoors, but still went outside to play soccer. It was a good time and way of living. What would it take to get some of that back?

Inspired by this Daily Prompt

A Tanka: Flowing Mane

Flowing mane* of dark
Amazon like in stature
Kind, but do not cross
An ear for brutality
With fondness for the printed

*For an Instagrammed version with a neat background, click the link 😉

Writing Dare: The Cleaver

The cleaver
an ideal choice for a butcher,
bladed edge glistens as an arm raises
hammers down
gliding through even the thorniest of bones like
an X-acto knife through your finger
when you’re not careful
customers covet what it provides
while few speak their minds
of the implied carnage
the butcher treats his tools with finesse
repeated use on slaughtered meat
if the hatchet took on sentience,
it would hunger for gore and flesh
like the undead
should that butcher develop the same
and release it on
the local governing committeeman
society would be swift to disapprove

Story Bandit: We dare you to write a 99-word poem using the following words: cleaver, thorniest, disapprove, committeeman.

Subliminal Comedy

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say “that’s so easy I could do it in my sleep” or a similar line that attempts to diminish the other person’s achievement or skill. Well, lately, I’ve been coming up with jokes or brief comedic bits, literally in my sleep. Sometimes it’s me on a stage delivering to an audience, other times it may just be a random scenario of someone saying the joke, or just “seeing” the joke in my sleepy head. It’s kind of strange. However, I don’t think it has anything to do with simplicity. If comedy were that easy more people would be willing to do it professionally.
I find it amusing and a little peculiar, that when it comes to creative writing, if I have a partial idea and don’t wake up and write it down, it’s lost for good. But with humor, I can still remember the details when I wake up to jot down at my convenience, and there’s no sense of pieces missing or a loss.

Could it be a sign from the universe (or just my brain) that I should start pursuing comedy/humor? I don’t really know. It’s something I’ll continue to think about and maybe if the opportunity of an open mic presents itself, I’ll give it a go.

Paragraph Planet

Thanks to Becky Spence of Evening Scribbles, I discovered a fun site, Paragraph Planet, that accepts 75 word pieces.
I decided to write something for submission and excited to say it was accepted and featured for Friday (Nov. 21), which due to time zone differences, has already begun.  Please check out my “quietly atmospheric” piece here Paragraph Planet.


Enjoying In Living Color, a skit about government cheese comes on.
An epiphany.
You’ve eaten government cheese, but not because you were on welfare, you went with a generic brand that happened to be covered by Women, Infants, and Children, and well…it wasn’t bad.
Another skit features a woman from the 30 or 40s who appears in black and white while being in the 90s.
You’re reminded of when you were four years old and you used to think that the world before a certain time existed in gray-scale, but quickly realized that was silly. Then again, having not lived in the past, you couldn’t be absolutely sure.