Privacy Policy

Subliminal Quibbles is a site serviced by Automattic. Automattic’s complete Privacy Notice regarding information collected from visitors to their users’ sites is available here.

Below is an explanation of the different types of information collection that may be relevant to you as a visitor on this site.

Information You Provide to Subliminal Quibbles

If you provide your email address in order to receive notifications for new Subliminal Quibbles posts, this information will be collected and held solely for the purpose of sending notification emails letting you know when new content is published until you unsubscribe.

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time through the “Unsubscribe” link located at the bottom of the emails.

Subliminal Quibbles will not sell your email information, share it with third parties or use it for anything other than the intended purpose of sending you updates for new content on this blog site.

Information Collected by Automattic’s Services on Subliminal Quibbles

Some information may be collected by Automattic when you visit this site, for example:

  • Information that you enter on the site (such as a search query)
  • Information on how you interact with the site (such as “likes”)
  • Location information
  • Data pertaining to your computer (IP address, browser type, etc.)
  • Other information from cookies

This information is used to provide targeted ads on this site under the plan Subliminal Quibbles currently uses to run it, to support the basic functionality of the site, to provide security, and for other reasons related to analytics and site usage.

Aside from the services provided by as a user, Subliminal Quibbles does not use any third party plugins or outside tools.

Automattic’s Cookie Policy explains in further detail how your information may be collected and used in connection with their services, as well as how you can opt out of having your information collected in some cases.

This page is subject to change at anytime.
Framework for policy used with permission by Elisabeth of Lit All Over.
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