Excited About Bertrand Bonello’s Saint Laurent?

I might be. I was in the middle of a conversation that led to me needing to do a quick search on IMDb.com. When the page loaded, I saw this…

Screen capture

Screen capture

My jaw dropped and a little squeal came out. I recognized Louis Garrel, and I’m not ashamed to admit I turn into a teenybopper at the sight of him. He’s my French heartthrob, and one of the only actors capable of evoking that kind of response. Probably because I don’t have the chance to grow tired of him since he stays in French independent film roles almost exclusively.
Anywho, it was a good play on IMDb’s part to feature him in the trailer still and as the movie’s promotional photo on its profile page, since people who enjoy his work will take notice, as I did. What delighted me most was discovering he’s not even playing Yves Saint Laurent (Gaspard Ulliel, who’s probably a heartthrob to others, is), Garrel’s playing Jacques de Bascher. However, I don’t know much about Laurent’s back story or the significance of Bascher within it, so it could just make practical sense. All I know is that beforehand, I wouldn’t have noticed the film until I did an updated search on Garrel’s acting credits. I’m also not that familiar with Bonello’s work, but am certainly intrigued.
The other pleasant surprise was that Léa Seydoux will also be in the film via the role of Loulou de la Falaise. My first introduction to her came in the form of Christophe Honoré’s La Belle Personne*, a film I’ve seen about three times now. I am hoping for some interactions between the two because their onscreen chemistry makes me giddy.

Not much Garrel airtime in it, but the trailer was fun to watch. I have no idea if there is to be a wide North American release, but hoping on it considering all the accolades and praise the film’s received so far, and there are still a few American film festivals it will be showcased. In the meantime, I’ll be conducting some more research and keep my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to see the film much sooner than later.

*For a review written as elegantly as the film itself and spoiler free, I encourage you to click the link.


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