Polyglottic Aspirations


Image courtesy of pdclipart.org

Polyglot aspirations by the year 2020*.  Seems reasonable, I mean if I really try, in five years I should be able to speak more than just English right? Factor in the notion I’m learning (supposed to be) three languages simultaneously because that isn’t insanity. They’re the romantic ones: Français, Italiano, y  Español. I also really like the word polyglot over multilingual or trilingual. Because at first thought it just sounds ridiculous, but without looking into the actual origin and thinking about it…it makes sense. Adding multiple flair, and purpose, to your epiglottis. A little piece of body that is useful for avoiding a choking death and speaking. As a North American, it’s kind of sad I’m not fluent in anything else already, but I don’t think it would surprise those overseas. I just don’t want to be typical in that regard anymore, and really there is no excuse for it. Not to mention the mental benefits. I haven’t decided if this falls into the bad idea category yet, but at least I’ll be able to see what kind of progress I’m making before it nears and can adjust my sails accordingly.

If you too have polyglottic aspirations, consider reading this review on Kató Lomb’s “Polyglot: How I Learn Languages” which includes links to a free online source of the book and further reading on Lomb.

*The magical year everyone will become mindful of everything they do, say, and the likely consequences.


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