Giving Applause & Thoughts on Blogging

L.A. Lanier

I have no qualms giving credit where it’s due. Right now, I want to give a round of applause to all the writers and/or bloggers that keep a steady flow of content going on their sites. Wherever they may be, whether I follow them or never. Sometimes, it’s remarkable. Other times, perhaps the content covers topics done to death, but hey, they are still “publishing” on a regular basis. And that is a habit I have not yet mastered, and may never master.

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In a sense, I feel as if I took on more than I could realistically handle before developing any kind of routine, which just maybe I should have done. The amount of ideas coming to me have continued at a sprinting pace since I created my sites, while writing them down and posting is just power walking on a treadmill listening to headphones…

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