Ten Word Journal-ing (1)

Just something I’ve decided to start doing in order to help build up content and share more of my writing with readers.

L.A. Lanier

Run the stairs
Down the hall
Something to do?

Tuna or egg salad?
I’ve never had the latter.

Buying tuna salad,
as a sandwich with discretion,
is enjoyable.

The egg salad was spoiled he discovered midway,
illness followed.

The story of my life,
but I’m working on it.

Don’t look in the mirror fearing disappointment defines your being.

One time,
I exploded with rage,
thankfully I was young.

She uttered “I love you,”
but embraced the nearest suitor.

Some arrangements aren’t monogamous,
but if breached,
cause identical pain.

She wears aprons.
He wears aprons.
It’s a swell time.

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