When I was little, and someone sneezed. I responded with “blesh you.”
I thought that’s what everyone was saying. No one ever corrected me. Or gave me puzzled looks, they just said “thank you” and often smiled. Ladies mostly. And that was that.
I kept saying it through high school. Even after I realized people were saying “bless you.” Blesh you, in my mind, made more sense. Someone would erupt with this strange force of sound from their bodies, and I commanded blesh, sending the noise demon back from whence it came.
In adulthood, I didn’t think I could keep getting away with the blesh. I’m not religious and I didn’t want to adhere to something that pissed all over my childhood interpretation/imagination. So, I exchanged it for Gesundheit. But if I trust you enough, or care about you enough…sometimes you might get a blesh.


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