Throwback Thursday Art Stuffs

As a kid, I always seemed to have a paddle ball around. Cheap ones given out as party favors. Others still cheap, but enough of an upgrade to allow actual game play without warping or string breakage. All in an assortment of colors and materials they were made from.
Cartoons like Rocko’s Modern Life made me want to challenge myself, even if the participant was one of Satan’s lackeys. There was a time I was probably even good at it.
Fast Forward to 2006.
For some reason, I took up the activity again. Perhaps to brush up on my hand and eye coordination or as a stress reliever. One thing that puzzled me, was how paddle ball never seemed that popular among kids in my youth or those I saw at the time. Yo-yos and Yo-Yo Balls were “cooler.” In some ways, one could do more, I remember there even being yo-yo specialists that toured schools demonstrating their talents and revealing the wonders. But just maybe not enough people gave paddle ball a chance.
Cue the above painting.
A recent viewing of André De Toth’s House of Wax presented a street performer using two paddle balls simultaneously. I was impressed, even if it took place in the 1950’s and was part of cheesy 3D utilization. I learned, a variation, Paddleball is a competitive sport. There’s even a National Paddleball Association.
As I write this, I’m tempted to pull one out or purchase a new one (whatever’s left is probably spent) and give it another go. Who knows? Maybe I can find a group to take up Paddleball and with enough practice find myself in the NPA.


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