Facebook Shenanigans

Facebook can be a pain in the arse.
I took a hiatus, and would log in so I could reply to messages or skim things quickly. I rarely bothered with any kind of updates. This week, I made a return resulting in a warm welcome. But something already started to peeve me, and that was how the News Feed operated. There’s a feed for Pages and other categories. Which is nice, but almost every thing from a Page I liked was in my News Feed and I wasn’t seeing much of anything from friends and family.

Thinking myself clever, I created a status that began “Dear Facebook,” And proceeded to ask what was the point of the Page Feed if everything else was in my standard News Feed. I also included the request of could they maybe cut back on it and put in more from my friends, then signed it with my name.

I read articles that revealed the kind of experiments and social “research” they conducted recently, and have operated on the notion that someone affiliated with their team sees everything at some point. Whether your profile is set to friends only or public.
I didn’t think much of my status.
A few friends liked it and I went on with the session, but after a refresh. I noticed something.
It seemed that almost every Page post was gone and several friends’ posts in a row appeared. Even if some of them were hours old. Had they “heard” me and were attempting to oblige and satisfy a customer? Or were they really making a statement: Yes, we do see everything you do and say?
Neither option I find comforting. Regardless, I’ll continue to conduct myself in a way that recognizes their privacy is an illusion. I think I’ve made peace, and from this point forward will use it for communication purposes and to start promoting myself and my writing.


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