Betty Crocker® and Universal Truth(s)

I decided to try Betty Crocker’s Mac & Cheese on a whim, I’ve had the “blues” for years.
But this isn’t a review on that. Besides, I’m not even sure if I thought it was better or the same. The initial taste was satisfactory, but I was really hungry. I also overcooked the noodles, slightly.
I finished eating the last bit a few moments ago. The package consisted of the standard straightened noodles one comes to expect with macaroni from a box. However, the very last portion contained an imposter. It was an elbow macaroni noodle (drat, I should have taken a picture to be more convincing). The only one, in the entire batch. Yes, I look at every piece of macaroni as I eat it.
I humored myself with the notion I was the creative elbow macaroni struggling to exist in a sea of standards that say life (writing) should be a certain way. Then I ate it.
But I thought, no matter how unique you think (hope), or how special people insist you are, none of us escape being eaten by life.
For every single elbow, there are hundreds of non-elbows, so chances are you’re not an elbow. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if we’re all going to be eaten anyway.


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